In this section we list selected past engagements of our team.

Prior to 2023 the engagements have been carried out as part of Alder & Sound at the time when Capton Partners Oy acted as a subcontractor to Alder & Sound Oy and formed the financial advisory team of Alder & Sound Oy.


KPA Unicon Group Oy

KPA Unicon Group Oy


Capton Partners Oy provides Financial Due Diligence for Partnera Oyj in the acquisition of majority of KPA Unicon Group Oy

Capton Partners Oy provides Financial Due Diligence for Parnera Oyj, in the acquisition of 70% share of KPA Unicon Group Oy’s share stock . KPA Unicon is manufacturer of clean renewable energy solutions including modernization of old boiler plants or building a new bio & waste energy production plant. It also provides digital solutions for energy producers. In FY20, The company had an annual turnover of ca EUR 69,4m million and EBITDA EUR 5.0m. Purhcase price of the 70% or the shares amounted to EUR 15.5m. The work was carried out as a subcontractor of Alder & Sound Oy.