Capton Partners provides financial and tax advisory services for corporates and investors in mergers and acquisitions.

Our core service is financial and tax due diligence. Get to know our services offering!


Restructuring services

Restructuring services are key to companies and their stakeholders who seek to create value through financial restructuring. Through our services we seek to be able to assess risks and valuation from business continuity perspective.

business review

Independent business review (IBR) is typically carried out when an external party – often a bank or other financier – considers it possible that the company is heading towards insolvency. Capton’s approach is based on the extensive experience of the team and on the tools developed in-house, e.g. a 13-week cash flow modeling tool

13-week cash flow

 The 13-week cash flow forecast is an important tool for the management at the stage when the company’s cash position is tight. The 13-week cash flow forecast and the underlying wider forecast process gives the management timely information of the sufficiency of cash reserves during the next 13 weeks. If the management receives the information on a looming cash deficit early enough, there is still time left to act. Our experts assist in preparing the right tools and in structuring the forecast process.

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