Capton Partners is a Helsinki-based company focusing in mergers and acquisitions. Our core services include financial and tax due diligence, valuation and financial modeling services.

Seasoned advisors provide our customers with high value-add benefits based on a well considered due diligence process and valuation understanding.

For your support in agreement negotiation – Prior to Agreement.

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Independent financial and tax advisory services from the most experienced and committed engagement team in town. Our focus is in mid-sized and small M&A transactions.

Our core services relate to transaction services prior to agreement. We offer services from transaction modelling to definition of purchase price mechanism for your contemplated transaction.

Transaction Services

  • Financial due diligence
  • Share / Asset purchase agreement advisory
  • Transaction structuring
  • Real estate due diligence

Tax Services

  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax structuring
  • Corportate income tax

Valuation Services

  • Business enterprise valuation (BEV)
  • IPR valuation
  • Purchase price allocation

Financial Modeling

  • Financial modelling support
  • Model Review

Restructuring services

  • Independent business review (IBR)
  • 13-week cash flow forecast modeling
  • Other support services

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Mergers and acquisitions are long and complex processes, which head towards agreement and signing/closing of the deal and from there on to integration and next transactions.

Due diligence is one of the important phases prior to agreement, where we serve our clients in a best possible way by combining insightfulness and superior observation skills. We know, that a well performed due diligence associated with mastering business valuation theory and practice will impact the final purchase price. This is at the very core of our know-how.

Our team is composed of highly experienced M&A transaction and due diligence professionals.

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