Capton Partners provides financial and tax advisory services for corporates and investors in mergers and acquisitions.

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Tax Services

Tax issues are a crucial and attention-demanding part of carrying out business arrangements. Additionally, adhering to evolving tax laws and practices is an important aspect of the daily life of companies, and tax issues can be complex and time-consuming. Therefore, we have expanded our service offering to include comprehensive Tax Services to assist your company in navigating the challenges of the tax world.

Tax due diligence

In Tax due diligence we carry out thorough examination of all of the taxes that a company will be liable for if it conducts an M&A transaction. It involves gaining an understanding of the target company’s existing tax structure, and the tax implications of the transaction structure being proposed.

Tax structuring

We assist in various business reorganizations by planning and implementing the most suitable corporate structure from tax perspective. We guide you through the entire process, from planning to the execution of the transaction, addressing practical tax matters, registrations, applications, and notifications along the way.

Corportate income tax

We assist with the company’s taxation-related matters, from the preparation and review of tax returns to handling applications addressed to tax authorities and administrative courts. We also provide support with interpretation issues related to tax laws concerning corporate taxation.”

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