Elevating Our Services:

Introducing Tax Services and Lauri Vuoristo as Senior Manager, Head of tax services

We are thrilled to announce a major expansion of our services with the introduction of Tax Services, designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Alongside this exciting development, we are pleased to introduce the newest addition to our team, Mr. Lauri Vuoristo, who will serve as the Senior Manager, Head of Tax Services.

Meet Lauri Vuoristo: A Leader in Tax Advisory

Lauri brings a wealth of experience to our team, having spent over a decade in the tax advisory sector. His career includes roles at Alder & Sound Oy, RSM Finland Oy, and the Tax Administration. Lauri’s educational background includes a Master of Science in Economics, providing a solid foundation for his role as our Senior Manager.

Lauri Vuoristo, Senior manager, Head of tax services

What’s New? Introducing Tax Services

Our expanded service line, Tax Services, is designed to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to address the complex landscape of taxation. These services include (

  1. Tax Due Diligence services to ensure a successful deal
  2. Tax structuring services to ensure the most effective deal structure
  3. Tax Planning and Compliance: Strategic planning to minimize tax liabilities and ensure compliance with regulations.
  4. International Tax Advisory: Guidance on cross-border transactions, transfer pricing, and global tax implications.
  5. Corporate Tax Services: Tailored solutions for businesses, addressing issues such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and more.
  6. Individual Tax Services: Personalized advice for individuals to optimize their tax positions and plan for the future.

Why It Matters:

Understanding the critical role that taxation plays in financial success, we are excited to offer these expanded services to empower our clients with informed decision-making. With Lauri Vuoristo leading our Tax Services, we are confident in our ability to provide top-notch guidance and support to navigate the intricacies of tax planning and compliance.
For more information about our new Tax Services or to connect with Lauri Vuoristo and our expert team, please visit our

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