In this section we list selected past engagements of our team.

Prior to 2023 the engagements have been carried out as part of Alder & Sound at the time when Capton Partners Oy acted as a subcontractor to Alder & Sound Oy and formed the financial advisory team of Alder & Sound Oy.





Capton Partners Oy provides Financial Due Diligence for Visma in the acquisition of majority stake in Enpros Oy. Enpros is a fast growing provider of environmental maintenance applications and solutions for collecting environmental data on properties. Enpros employs 13 experts in Helsinki and Joensuu. . In 2022 their revenue was 1,4 million euros which had an increase of 66% from the previous year.

Visma is a cloud based business solution provider in Europe. Visma’s revenue was 2,147 mEUR in FY22 and it employs over 14,000 people.,c3781731