In this section we list selected past engagements of our team.

Prior to 2023 the engagements have been carried out as part of Alder & Sound at the time when Capton Partners Oy acted as a subcontractor to Alder & Sound Oy and formed the financial advisory team of Alder & Sound Oy.


Suomen Vesitieto Oy

Suomen Vesitieto Oy


Capton Partners Oy provides Financial Due Diligence for Visma in the acquisition of Suomen Vesitieto Oy.

Suomen Vesitieto Oy’s SaaS-based system has been developed specifically for the needs of water supply but is also available for use in heating, gas, and waste management. The company’s revenue for the year 2023 is estimated to be 2.3 million euros (a 12% increase from 2022), and the company employs a total of 13 individuals.

Visma is a cloud based business solution provider in Europe. Visma’s revenue was 2,147 mEUR in FY22 and it employs over 14,000 people.,c3906174