In this section we list selected past engagements of our team.

Prior to 2023 the engagements have been carried out as part of Alder & Sound at the time when Capton Partners Oy acted as a subcontractor to Alder & Sound Oy and formed the financial advisory team of Alder & Sound Oy.


Pivatic Oy

Pivatic Oy


Capton Partners Oy provides financial and tax due diligence for Vaski Group in the acquisition of Pivatic Oy. Pivatic Oy designs, manufactures, and markets punching, cutting, and bending machines for the thin sheet metal manufacturing industry.

Pivatic Group’s consolidated net sales amounted to €17.3 million in FY22. Pivatic has operations in Finland and in the USA. The group employed approximately 66 employees, of which 63 are in Finland.

Vaski Group Oy is a Seinäjoki-based machinery and automation solution provider