In this section we list selected past engagements of our team.

Prior to 2023 the engagements have been carried out as part of Alder & Sound at the time when Capton Partners Oy acted as a subcontractor to Alder & Sound Oy and formed the financial advisory team of Alder & Sound Oy.


AddSearch Oy

AddSearch Oy


Capton Partners Oy provides Financial and Tax Due Diligence for Saas.Group, in the acquisition of AddSearch Oy. AddSearch is a provider of hosted website search solutions. AddSearch offers a solution which helps customers improve website conversion rate, customer experience and customer support . In 2022 their revenue was 1,8 million euros which had an increase of 32% from the previous year.

SaaS.Group acquires promising SaaS companies with a founder-friendly process in order to elevate their product – and their people – to the next level. Founded in 2017 in by serial tech entrepreneurs (Tim Schumacher, Ulrich Essmann, and Tobias Schlottke), the company has acquired fourteen companies to date, including Beekast, Crosstalent, Tower, Rewardful, Prerender, Juicer, Seobility, and others.